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Kyle Biedermann

Forces Runoff In Heated Hill Country Texas House Race, Kyle Pushes Towards Victory

Fredericksburg, TX (03/02/16) — An Ace Hardware Dealer and a Christian Conservative, Kyle Biedermann just finished in a strong election night showing, neck and neck in Comal County and actually winning both Kendall and Gillespie counties, and is forcing a runoff against longtime incumbent Representative Doug Miller.

“We deserve a conservative champion every day of the year, not just the final days of an election. Tonight was just the first step and our movement is surging with support. The power brokers said we didn’t have a shot. Tonight we proved them wrong with a positive and conservative victory. I am not a politician and I thank each person that cast their vote for our effort. I’m looking forward to personally meeting as many voters as possible and uniting grassroots conservatives throughout the district over the next few days. We need a solid conservative and a truly independent legislator to represent us, not a career politician,” said Kyle Biedermann.

Click here to see the mailers that have hit in the past few days.

Kyle has unleashed both a professional and volunteer based grassroots campaign with deep and growing local support. Kyle is pro-life, pro-second amendment, supports a more limited government and has a real plan to secure our border. Kyle has now visited every corner of the district, visited and called tens of thousands of voters, held a district wide tele-townhall, sent several direct mail pieces and has continued an aggressive, but grassroots fundraising operation.

“I started this campaign as a grassroots challenger knocking on thousands of doors and meeting tens of thousands of voters. I have been blessed to live in Texas for the past 30 years and I have been working as hard as I can to provide for my family and serve my community. Tonight was a great win for the taxpayers and conservative grassroots,” said Biedermann.

Black Stone was hired to provide comprehensive campaign services for the Biedermann campaign. Black Stone has worked on everything from Kyle’s direct mail, website, social media, newspaper advertisements, earned media, robo calls, phone banks, photography and more.

To view some of the direct mail and design work Black Stone has completed please click here. To learn more about the campaign you can visit Kyle’s website that was designed and developed by Black Stone by visiting:

The runoff election that will be held on May 24th, with early voting starting on May 16th.