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Black Stone Secures Another Political Victory

Joe Bachmeier By Joe Bachmeier

Kyle Biedermann

Heated Texas State Representative Race

Fredericksburg, TX (05/26/16) — Black Stone worked with Ace Hardware Dealer and Christian Conservative, Kyle Biedermann to secure a decisive victory against longtime incumbent Representative Doug Miller in the race for Texas State House District 73.

Biedermann decisively won on Tuesday night with 55 percent of the vote, earning a total of 10,481 votes compared to Miller’s 8,438 votes.

The victory comes after a nearly $2,000,000 million dollar heated smear campaign where Kyle Biedermann’s campaign was outspent 6 to 1 by State Representative Doug Miller, a Straus Lieutenant, and Chairman of the House Special Purpose Districts Committee.

“I started this campaign as a grassroots challenger knocking on thousands of doors and meeting tens of thousands of voters. I have been blessed to live in Texas for the past 30 years and I have been working as hard as I can to provide for my family and serve my community,” said Biedermann. “We were outspent 6 to 1 and our opponent nearly spent $2,000,000. It was a tough fight, but this fact also means that I do not owe the Austin lobby, the entrenched interests and the capitol power brokers anything when I arrive in Austin. My votes as a representative will be cast based upon rock solid conservative principles and doing what is right and just for the people in this district and our great state.”

Black Stone was hired to provide comprehensive campaign services for the Biedermann campaign. In the end, Miller lost in a landslide and massively outspent the Biedermann campaign spending nearly $100 per vote. Black Stone worked on everything from Kyle’s direct mail, website, social media, newspaper advertisements, earned media, robo calls, phone banks, photography and more.

“In the end, it always comes down to having a great candidate. Having an incumbent with a liberal voting record helped as well. This was a huge win, not only for Kyle and everyone on the Biedermann Campaign Team, but for conservatives throughout the great state of Texas, and beyond. We were honored to be a part of this campaign and we’re very excited for all the great work Kyle is going to do in Austin,” said Joe Bachmeier, Black Stone Chief Marketing Officer.

To view some of the direct mail and design work Black Stone has completed please click here. To learn more about the campaign you can visit Kyle’s website that was designed and developed by Black Stone by visiting:

“This was by no means an easy race, Kyle and his family swiftly and professionally responded to a million dollar smear campaign. The stakes were high and failure simply was not an option. Kyle is the type of grassroots conservative candidate, that when properly equipped, can and should be winning in races across the country. It was a tough race, but fun to watch the good guy win one for  a change. We look forward to many more races,” said Greg Ball, Black Stone Chief Executive Officer.

This is not the first political battle for Team Black Stone and Black Stone provides full services for incumbents as well. Last fall, Black Stone put a notch in its political belt with the reelection of incumbent State Legislator Steve Carter of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Steve faced a hard charge challenge from the right and a traditional Democratic challenge from the left. Carter spent the last four years as the Chairman for the House Education Committee. In the end, the Republican won with 55 percent of the vote. He defeated Patty Merrick, a Democrat who had 26 percent of the vote, and Robert Cade Cipriano, a Republican who won 19 percent.

Black Stone provided a full range of services to the Carter campaign, including a comprehensive and targeted direct mail campaign. To view some of the work Black Stone provided please visit:

Proven leaders and political operators Ball, Bachmeier and their team are able to offer some of the most expansive and proven technology and consulting offerings available today. Assembling an enviable team and global operation, Black Stone has already developed core operations and deal executions across the USA. Black Stone boasts active political campaigns (including ballot propositions) in Texas, Louisiana, New York and even international clients.

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