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Black Stone Victory: ‘First’ Big Win in Deep South

Joe Bachmeier By Joe Bachmeier

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Black Stone Active in Political Campaigns in Texas, Louisiana and New York

Austin, Texas (10/28/15) — Black Stone put a notch in its political belt Saturday night with a big win for incumbent State Legislator Steve Carter of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Steve faced a hard charge challenge from the right and a traditional Democratic challenge from the left.

Carter, who is a candidate for Speaker of the Louisiana House, has spent the last four years as the chairman for the House Education Committee and has taken the lead on controversial educational issues, including Common Core, public school overhauls like limiting teacher tenure protections, expanding charter schools and programs, and allowing public dollars to be used for private tuition vouchers. This past Saturday’s win sends Carter back to continue doing good work while tackling the tough issues.

Representative Steve Carter said, “Greg, Joe and the entire Black Stone team are a group of experienced professionals. They did an unbelievable job for my reelection campaign. Everyone loved the photography, mail and graphic design work they did for us. I would highly recommend Black Stone to anyone serious about running for political office.”

In the end, the Republican won with 55 percent of the vote. He defeated Patty Merrick, a Democrat who had 26 percent of the vote, and Robert Cade Cipriano, a Republican who won 19 percent. This victory ensures that Carter, who is also an active candidate for Speaker of the Louisiana House, will not have to face an expensive challenge in a runoff election.

Joe Bachmeier, Black Stone’s CMO stated,” It was a pleasure working with Steve and his team to help him get reelected to the Louisiana House of Representatives. This was an exciting campaign and was a great first win for our team. I am looking forward to building our portfolio with many more great candidates like Representative Steve Carter.”

Senator Greg Ball, Black Stone’s CEO stated, “Steve is a great public servant and this campaign allowed us to show our skills in the deep south. We look forward to keeping our winning track record and keeping great incumbents like Steve in office, while helping deserving challengers get into office for the first time! The fact is that I have not lost a political race in ten years, and I am not going to start now. Black Stone is dead serious about winning every race we get involved in. Period.”

Proven leaders and political operators Ball, Bachmeier and their team are able to offer some of the most expansive and proven technology and consulting offerings available today. Assembling an enviable team and global operation, Black Stone has already developed core operations and deal executions across the USA. Black Stone boasts active political campaigns (including ballot propositions) in Texas, Louisiana, New York and even international clients.

Black Stone provided a full range of services to the Carter campaign, including a comprehensive and targeted direct mail campaign. To view some of the work Black Stone provided please visit:

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