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Greg Ball : white house intern, academy graduate, military officer, international businessman and New York State Senator, at 38 he’s seen a lot. Greg won seven (7) elections in eight (8) years, eventually serving as Senate Chair of Veterans, Military & Naval Affairs and Homeland Security, has now returned to the private sector.

After four (4) competitive general elections, and three (3) even more hotly contested primaries Greg knows a thing or two about winning elections, but he has also run his own business since the age of 13 and is a natural entrepreneur. Greg is responsible for various landmark legislation including a 6% set aside in New York State for service disabled veterans, worth approximately $400 million annually.

Recently Greg served as Co-Chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. Holding an undefeated personal election record Greg has won primaries, write ins, and personally run and managed multi-million dollar media campaigns.

Greg’s focus on service will live on in Return the Salute, a not for profit to be founded and launched in 2017 with the intent of continuing his legacy and ‘Keeping America’s promise to our veterans.’ Greg’s unconventional and truly infamous style has made him a winner, and the envy of professionals throughout the US.

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